††† Do you know someone who has pediatric cancer and lives in Pennsylvania? If so, email me at and let us help. This Foundation is for that child and his or her family.


We want to be available and help in whatever way is best. This means we will send a toy, pay a bill, send a gift card or send a check: whatever we can do to lessen the burden while on a journey that I would not wish on anyone.






****Any child admitted to Childrenís Hospital of Pittsburgh, with a pediatric cancer diagnosis, will receive the Thinking of Nikki Foundation business card with a $25 gift card from the floorís Social Workers. This gift card is for the hospitalís Gift Shop and will let them know they are not alone. Hopefully the gift card will help the family get something they need or something the child might want.


****The Foundation has bought toys for 9B playroom and also recently added movies, video games and other toys to the 9th floor Clinic playroom.


****Every Thursday with the help of the Pop Stop in CHP, the Foundation provides free breakfast to families staying with kids who have or are receiving a bone marrow transplant. It is the BMT Breakfast Club.


****Also, the Pop Stop will deliver goodies to 9B at CHP! This will be every 2nd and 4th Tuesday afternoon to give children, families and staff a yummy snack!



****Every few months the Foundation provides $50 and $100.00 gift cards from Sheetz or Walmart to Sharon LaValle, a special social worker, who gives them directly to families in need on the Hematology/Oncology floor or 9B.



**** Visit NIKKI`S WORLD, a place to play and smile at Pittsburgh Raceway Park.



††† Do you know someone who has lost a child recently to pediatric cancer? Letís show them we care with a Memory Doodle, designed and made by Lindsey Clark or a RememBear designed and made from the childís cloths by Deanna Thomas.

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Memory Doodle




(Made from the childís cloths!)


Thank You,


Karen Deniker




We will remember....ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!




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